Queensland umbrela tree (Schefflera actinophylla)

Archive of sounds and images of wildlife Antonio Silveira (ASIVS-AS)

The Schefflera actinophylla known in Portuguese by Schefflera or Arvore-guarda-chuva,  and in English by Schefflera, Queensland umbrella tree, or Octopus tree, is a ornamental tree a native rainforest climate and northern and northeastern Australia and southernand southeastern New Guinea (Missouri Botanical Garden), which has adapted well to Brazil.

Produces fleshy red fruits that give  an abundant nectar, which attracts wild birds frugivorous, nectarivorous and insectivorous,  insects also attend the fruitsof the search we have found néctar.

In bloom in March and April 2012, a group of plants of about eight meters, from the garden building in the city of São Paulo, we have made ​​observations and recorded some species of birds,  as:


Brotogeris tirica; Periquito-rico; Plain Parakeet (below)

Coereba flaveola; Cambacica; Bananaquit

Eupetomena macroura; Beija-flor-tesoura; Swallow-tailed Hummingbird

Myiozetetes similis; Bentevizinho-de-penacho-vermelho; Social Flycatcher (below)

Pitangus sulphuratus; Bem-te-vi; Great Kiskadee (below)

Tangara palmarum; Sanhaçu-do-coqueiro; Palm Tanager (below)

Tangara sayaca; Sanhaçu-cinza; Sayaca Tanager (below)

Turdus rufiventris; Sabiá-laranjeira; Rufous-bellied Thrush (below)

Tyrannus melancholicus; Suiriri; Tropical Kingbird (below)

Until a Estrilda astrild ( Bico-de-sealing, Common Waxbill) observed perched in its branches, near the fruit. And a Columbina talpacoti; (Rolinha-roxa; RuddyGround-Dove) perched on one of the branches, enjoying the shadow.

Because it is a plant that grows fast and have all this potential food for the birds, we suggest that be planted in parks, squares and on private properties where they are to attract birds. By Antonio Silveira


Antonio Silveira: 25/4/2012

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