Where watch bird in Brazil

The Brazil is the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

Its avifauna is composed of species 1.834, divided into 96 families with 236 endemic species  (CBRO)

Of all the Brazilian ecosystems are the richest the Amazon Forest, the world’s largest, and the Atlantic Rainforest (Mata Atlântica), which are the richest in the world in bird diversity.

Here are some birdlists in the places that we visited,  to provide the student of

ornithology and birdwatcher the opportunity to know the species that can be found at the respective

places, made by Antonio Silveira, using binoculars, also with the help of tape recorders,camcorders

and bibliography.    (by Antonio Silveira)


Alagoas ]     [ Amazonas ]     [ Bahia ]     [ Mato Grosso ]

Mato Grosso do Sul ]     [ Minas Gerais ] Pará ]Paraná ]

Piauí ]    [ Rio de Janeiro ] Rio Grande do Norte ]

Rio Grande do Sul ]     [ Santa Catarina ]     [ São Paulo ]

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Antonio Silveira:  28.2.2013.


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