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Archive of sounds and images of wildlife Antonio Silveira (ASIVS-AS)

As we all know Brazil is the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world, and this gives us a responsibility to preserve all the elements that form it, but it is necessary to know all the species, study them and find the best possible ways to protect them.

In this process the knowledge and study of sounds (or songs) and voices of wild animals are very important and should be encouraged.

A great ally in these preservationist goals and to understand the behavior os animals is Bioacoustics. Therefore, it is very important the creation and maintenance of sound files and images of nature, so that we can provide data for studies.The rapid process of extinction of various species, increase the importance of these files because it also can provide relevant information to the processes of environmental education and reintroduction of species, among others topics.

So, we decided to make available some files from our archive of  Sounds and Images of Wildlife, with recordings made within wildlife by us (Antonio Silveira and / or collaborators), with animals in their natural habitat. Here are the samples:

SEE IN : SOUNDS OF NATURE, by Antonio Silveira


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