Sound of Aramides mangle (Little Wood-rail)

Arquivo de Sons e Imagens da Vida Selvagem Antonio Silveira (ASIVS-AS)

Archive of sounds and images of wildlife Antonio Silveira (ASIVS-AS

Aramides mangle; Saracura-do-mangue; Little Wood-Rail


Aramides mangle; Saracura-do-mangue; Little Wood-rail . Mangue area of  Transamérica na Ilha de Comandatuba- Resort-Bahia,Brazil, 14/10/2011,byAntonio Silveira (Thanks to Maurice Arantes an indication of the site and helps identifythe recorded ralídeo). (photo below of the individual who vocalised). (ASIVS-AS-Aves)


Antonio Silveira: 24/3/2012


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