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Callipepla gambelii and Callipepla californica: Two special birds of California,USA,June Antonio Silveira


MUIR WOOD (San Francisco,CA,USA) : The giant redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), known in English as cost redwood, or “Titan race” are the tallest trees in the world. by Antonio Silveira

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GOLDEN GATE PARK (San Francisco,CA,USA): a special place to birdwatching (June,2013)


PACIFIC SCENIC ROAD (California,USA): a special trip.June,2013.byAntonio Silveira


Clark County Wetlands Park: An oasis in the Mojave Desert, Nevada,USA:

Fish-watching ( new page)


A special bird of Aruba: Colinus cristatus (Crested Bobwhite), recorded in May,2013. by Antonio Silveira


Birdwatching in the Serra do Mar State Park, Brazil, May 2013, Antonio Silveira and Bruno Lima, with spectacular records like the Solitary Tinamou (Tinamus solitarius) perched for sleeping.


Conhecendo as áreas verdes de Salesópolis, SP,BR, por Antonio Silveira


Corredeiras do Rio Claro-Salesópolis-SP-Brasil,abril-2013-Antonio Silveira


The spectacular  Pico da Boracéia (Boraceia Peak), São Paulo State, Brazil (April,2013),by Antonio Silveira

Recorded the Blue iguana or Grand Cayman iguana (Cyclura lewisi). Grand Cayman Island. 3.2013.A.Silveira

Recorded the Black Iguana (Ctenosaura similis) in Cozumel (Mexico). 13.3.2013.A;Silveira


News records at “Comandatuba Island”, Bahia, Brazil.

Charadrius wilsonia



Ixobrychus involucris (Socoí-amarelo; Stripe-backed Bittern) Recorded in Uruguay, Dec.2012.Antonio Silveira.



LAKE LOUISE: Conheça o lago mais bonito do mundo (know the most beautiful lake in the world)


RIO FORMOSO. Explorando o rio Formoso,Bonito,MS,Brasil


BLACK BEAR: Urso negro (Ursus americanus) hunting salmons. Alasca,EUA. 9/2010.  A.Silveira . see vídeos
Cnemidophorus murinus murinus (The endemic lizard of Curaçao (Caribbean)
Antonio Silveira: last update: 13.10.2013

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