Birds of Manaus, Brazil

This list of birds refers to the birds observed by Antonio Silveira (birdwatcher) in the Ponta Negra area in the city of Manaus-AM, between August 26 and September 3, 2004, in the natural areas of the Hotel Tropical Manaus Resort which represent important remnants of the Amazon rainforest, home to many rare species of avifauna of this ecosystem and even mammals such as Sauim-toed (Saguinus bicolor).
83 bird species were observed, and it is estimated that this number corresponds to about 80% of the species occurring on site, emphasizing that there was no night observation and were rescued some previous observations of the author.
Preliminary, cumulative list of the avifauna of the region of Ponta Negra, Antonio Silveira
Antonio Silveira: english page 29-7-2014.

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