Birds of Curacao (Caribbean,Netherlands Antilles)

Between 17 and 21 May 2012, we were (Antonio Silveira) on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, where we had the opportunity to make some observations of fauna, especially its birds.

Willemstad  is the  capital of this famous Caribbean island, known for its colorful architecture.

Curacao is one of the most famous diving destinations.

We also found that it is a great place for bird watching your beautiful lizards, such as the beautiful (Cnemidophorus murinus).

According to information obtained on the Internet (BirdLife Interantional: ), Curaçao has 220 species of birds. residents and  migrants.

On our visit a few days, mainly at the beach Piscadera  Bay, we found some species of the local avifauna, as listed below:


Ardea alba; Great Egret

Arenaria interpres; Ruddy Turnstone

Bubulcus ibis; Cattle Egret

Butorides virescens; Green Heron

Coereba flaveola; Bananaquit

Columba corensisBare-eyed Pigeon

Columba livia; Rock Dove

Columba squamosa; Scaly-naped Pigeon

Columbina passerina; Common Ground-Dove

Egretta thula; Snowy Egret

Falco sparverius; American Kestrel

Fregata magnificens; Magnificent Frigatebird

Haematopus palliatus; American Oystercatcher

Icterus icterus; Troupial

Icterus nigrogularis; Yellow Oriole

Larus atricilla; Laughing Gull

Leptotila verreauxi; White-tipped Dove

Mimus gilvus; Tropical Mockingbird

Passer domesticus; House Sparrow

Pelecanus occidentalis; Brown Pelican

Phalacrocorax brasilianus; Neotropic Cormorant

Quiscalus mexicanusGreat-tailed Grackle

Sicalis flaveola; Saffron Finch

Tiaris bicolor; Black-faced Grassquit

Tyrannus dominicensis; Grey Kingbird

Zenaida auriculata; Eared Dove


Besides the birds we have seen some lizards, including the Iguana, common in natural areas of hotels, like lizard(Cnemidophorus murinus), endemic to the island, but common in almost all places.

Faced with what we saw and found so far, Curaçao is very interesting in terms of ornithological what motivates us to go back to learn more about their birds.

We thank company of Gianine Luiza. By Antonio Silveira


Antonio Silveira: 06.6.2012.

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