Butterflies of Aruba

Agraulis vanillae1-MalmokAruba-11-5-15-ASilveira Hemiargus hanno hanno3-Bubali-Aruba-17-5-15-ASilveira

According of tourism folders Aruba in the Caribbean Sea situated about 24 km offshore Venezuela has 182 km2 and is 31.36 km long by 9.6 km wide. The highest point is Mount Jamanota with 185 m / al (or 617 feet).

Its capital is Oranjestad, a charming town that closely resembles the Netherlands, which is not least being that because Aruba is part of Dutch territory, although the degree of autonomy achieved long ago.

Despite being one of Aruba’s most popular resorts in the world and one of the best diving destination, with its large hotel chain, also has natural areas represented mainly by the Arikok National Park and Bubali Bird Sanctuary.

Aruba has about 31 species  of butterflies (Miller,J.Y.,Debrot,A.O., Millser, L.D. A Survey of Butterflies from Aruba ande Bonaire and new recordes for Curaçao. Caribbean Jorunal of CScience,vol39,n-2,170-175,2003)

We staid in Aruba several times and recorded some butterflies, like follow. by Antonio Silveira.

Agraulis vanillae    (below)

Agraulis vanillae1-MalmokAruba-11-5-15-ASilveira

Chlorostrymon telea  (below)

Chlorostrymon telea-Aruba-5-2015-ASilveira

Danaus plexippus (monarch butterfly)

Danaus plexippus3-Bubali-Aruba-21-5-15-ASilveira

Hemiargus hanno hanno  (below)

Hemiargus hanno hanno3-Bubali-Aruba-17-5-15-ASilveira Hemiargus hanno hanno 5-Bubali-Aruba-12-5-15-ASilveira

Hylephila phyleus  (below)

Hylephila phyleus2-Bubali-Aruba-24-5-15-ASilveira

Kricogonia lyside  (below)

Kricogonia lyside3-Bubal1-Aruba-17-5-15-ASilveira

Leptotes cassius  (below)

Leptotes cassius1-PalmBeach-Aruba-14-5-15-ASilveira

Lerodea eufala  (below)

Lerodea eufala1-MalmokAruba-13-5-15-ASilveira

Panoquina panoquinoides  (below)

 Panoquina panoquinoides2-Bubali-Aruba-17-5-15-ASilveira
 Phoebis sennae  (below)

Phoebis sennae-PalmBeach-Aruba-16-5-15-ASilveira


Antonio Silveira: 01-7-2015.

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