Birds of Punta del Este and region-Uruguay

As two major ornithological publications Uruguay (Azpiroz, 2003; Olmos, 20 110), Uruguay has cataloged 452 species of birds in their territory, which represents a large number of species in view of the size of the country.

Situated in the province between the Pampas and Patagonia biomes subtropical jungles, Uruguay has many ecosystems, including several types of aquatic environments, consisting of coastal lagoons, marshes and rivers, especially me its coastline, which is so rich in waterfowl , and many migratory (Azpiroz, 2003).

Since 2006 we have visited Uruguay, more precisely, the resort of Punta del Este and the surrounding regions, where we have made some observations of the fauna, especially its birds.

The resort of Punta del Este (Punta affectionately called by its patrons) is located in a charming and beautiful peninsula on the coast of Maldonado Department. Undoubtedly, one of Punta’s most famous resorts in the world for its privileged location, the beauty of its white houses (mainly in Punta Ballena), modern buildings, hotels, casinos and the old lighthouse, which contrasted with fishing boats and yachts, form a vision of great scenic beauty.

Although Punta del Este is one of the most popular resorts in the world, still has natural areas, especially in its coastal area, with rocky points, dunes, marshes, lakes and coastal lagoons. Among the latter is the Laguna del Diario, very close to the central area of ​​the resort, but still preserved with vegetation on its banks, the Laguna Garzón and Laguna José Ignácio, located a few kilometers from the center are very good places for bird watching.

Another site visited was near the Mountain region (Cumbres) of Punta Ballena, a place that reaches 200 feet high and José Ignacio region surrounding the  road (Cno Martinez Sainz) that connects this town and Route 9.

There is also the island of Lobos, with its lighthouse and the largest colony of seals and sea lions in the South Atlantic (Otaria flavescens and Arctocephalus australis), and many seabirds, as well as Ilha Gorritti,, uninhabited and preserved vegetation, both close to the beaches .

The Maldonado creek or river that flows into the bar, after passing under the famous wavy bridge, is also an excellent place for bird watching because its banks are seeing many birds.

In places there are some strategic viewpoints placed to observe right whales (Eubalaena australis, Southern Rigth Whale) from July to October to seek the calm waters of its coast to breed, show that we have had the opportunity to observe. These sites can also be used by birdwatchers.

So, this list includes Punta del Este, as the central location and support, and the regions and / or places specified, all belonging to the department of Maldonado, except to Laguna Garzon, which borders the departameno Rocha.

Thus, we have made ornithological observations in this beautiful region of Uruguay, recording so far (December,2012) 210 bird species, listed alphabetically by scientific name, with som photographs, videos and voices.

by Antonio Silveira R. dos Santos (Programa Ambiental: A Última Arca de Noé,  – Brazil)


List of birds watching in Punta de Este and region, Maldonado, Uruguay. by Antonio Silveira


Antonio Silveira: 29/9/2011. Last update 26/8/2014.

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