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Page of the published articles, notes and documented records of fauna and flora authored by Antonio R. Silveira dos Santos, and some collaborators, in order to contribute to studies of fauna, ecology etc..

Articles are longer texts and with some accuracy estrutural presentation, the notes are shorter texts and documented records are smaller and more free.


With the technological development in the fields of image (video and digital photography) and sound (directional microphones and digital recorders), documented records of animals in nature for photos, videos and sounds became more common with increasing professional level, even being produced by amateur nature lovers.

In view of the increasing difficulty of collections due to decreased natural areas and species decline, collect them for distribution to prove, for example, can be harmful and dangerous for a species or even an ecosystem. Thus, the well-documented record can satisfy the need to collect, in most cases.

Currently the truth of a fact recorded by one of these ways, it may be proven by evidence recorded “in the background” as ambient sounds, botanical aspects, among others, that can show the actual location of the images or sounds. Thus, the documented records are being accepted increasingly accepted in scientific circles, despite resistance from some scientists more conservative.

But no reason for such resistance, it is worth remembering that, which ensures that the accuracy of scientific information is the suitability of the investigator or informant. We asked: Which proves that animal collected and deposited in a scientific institution is the place indicated by the collector? This proves the veracity of the record? Obviously that is the suitability of the collector, mainly. In the records documented by images and / or sounds, and the suitability recorder, there is the possibility of investigating the document submitted as stated above. Still, it’s worth remembering that there are materials collected and deposited accompanied by photographic records, which shows the strength of this registration form.

Therefore, we are enthusiasts documented record through pictures, videos and sounds of wildlife for the purpose of collaboration for natural studies. Hence, we dedicate to register and disclose records of our nature, as stated below.

by Antonio Silveira



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