Birds of Itatiaia National Park

This list was compiled by Antonio Silveira , birdwatcher in visits since 1990 .

The observations were made mainly in the forested region of low Itatiaia ( 900 m / alt . ) , Mainly in the Hotel Donati , who has 200 000 m2 and in areas of the park near the hotel, including the area of the Museum and the roads area give them access to the hotel . Observations were made in the Altos do Itatiaia , High of Itatiaia ( 2.400 m / al ) and once went up the way Maromba à Macieira expedition organized with Elio Gouveia .

All observations are documented in films, photos or recordings that are scanned and stored in the archives of the Environmental Program: The Last Noah’s Ark.

Continue the work of observation , enabling update the list .

The National Park Itatiaia ( creating Federal Decree 1,713 , of 14.06.1937 ) has an area of ​​30,000 hectares ( coordinates  S 22º16’ e 22º28’ e W 44º34’ e 44º42’ ) and is located in the counties of Itatiaia and Resende , in Rio de Janeiro and Itamonte Alagoa and Bocaina in Minas Gerais.

Its vegetation consists of lowland forest, semicaducifólia forest, secondary vegetation and altitude fields.

In terms of altitudes and geomorphological conditions Itatiaia National Park is divided into :

High Itatiaia (Alto do Itatiaia) : Region ranging from 2,500 m / 1,800 to alt with altitude camps . Being  S. moreirae  an endemic species of the highest peaks in Southeast Brazil .

Average Itatiaia (Médio Itatiaia) : Region of 1,800 m / 1,100 to alt , vegetation is transition to the highest and dense forests in the lower part where we find the region of Maromba , through which  Maromba river or Campo Belo with beautiful waterfalls.

Low Itatiaia : Go 1,100 m / alt to the entrance of the park , which sits at the base of the mountain and near the town of Itatiaia . There are some hotels and houses , but the forest is still preserved and the road access facilitates the birdwatching. . by Antonio Silveira


Preliminary and cumulative Bird List of Itatiaia National Park, RJ,Brazil , by Antonio Silveira


Antonio Silveira: 14.1.2014. last up date: 25-5-2016

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