Butterflies of Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo city,SP,Brazil

Chlosyne lacinia1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-14-6-15-ASilveira Danaus elippus6-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-4-6-15-ASilveira

Ibirapuera Park is a urban  protected area with 1,584,000 m², located between the central and south of the city of São Paulo, São Paulo State, Brazil. (see Ibirapuera Park)

For its central location and have good recreational facilities for the visitor is a much visited park.

It is also a park with lots of trees both exotic plants, as with native vegetation, lawns, gardens and lakes, which offers an excellent place to practice observation in general, and especially of birds (birdwatching, birding) (see Birds of Ibirapuera Park) and Butterflies (Butterfly watching).

I live near this park and  and  I visit a lot of times to birding and from December 2014 to butterfly watching.

Below follows (alphabetic order) the butterfly (and Moths) species that  occur in the park and that were recorded in photos and videos for us. by Antonio Silveira.


Butterflies of Ibirapuera Park, by Antonio Silveira

Achlyodes busirus rioja  Evans, 1953     (below)

Achlyodes busirus rioja3-PqIbirapueraSP-3-3-15-ASilveira

Adelpha zea  (Hewitson, 1850) -(below)

Adelpha zea-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-18-6-15-ASilveira

Agraulis vanillae      (Linnaeus, 1758)  (below)

Agraulis vanillae-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-13-2-15-ASilveira

Anartia amathea roeselia (Eschscholtz, 1821)

Anartia amathea roeselia1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-8-3-15-ASilveira

Anartia jatrophae   (Linnaeus, 1763  (below)

Anartia jatrophae1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-6-3-15-ASilveira

Anastrus sempiternus simplicior  (below)

Anteos menippe (Orangetip Angled-Suphur)  (below)

Ascia monuste orseis (Godart, 1819)    (below)

Ascia monuste orseis 3-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-17-2-15-ASilveira

Battus polydamas (Linnaeus, 1758)     (below)

battus polydamas-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-17-2-15-ASilveira   Battus polystictus-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-17-2-15-ASilveira

Chlosyne lacinia (Geyer, 1837) ; Bordered Patch. (below)

Chlosyne lacinia1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-4-6-15-ASilveira

Calycopis caulania (Hewitson, 1877) (probably) (below)

Contrafacia imma-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-8-3-15-ASilveira

Contrafacia bassania (Hewitson, 1868);White-etched Hairstreak  (probably)  below)

Contrafacia bassania-PqIbirapueraSP-30-4-16-ASilveira

Cyanophrys herodotus (Fabricius, 1793)  (below)  (1)


Danaus erippus (Cramer, 1775)   (some consider like D.plexippus erippus ) (below)

Danaus erippus 4-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-15-1-15-ASilveira

Danaus gillipus  (Cramer, 1775)     (below)

Dannaus gillipus-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-17-2-15-ASilveira

Diaethria clymena  (Cramer, 1775);  Cramer’s Eighty-eight (88)   (below)

Diaethria clymena-a88-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-21-4-16-ASilveira Diaethria clymena-a88-v-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-21-4-16-ASilveira

Dione-juno  (below)

Dione juno2-PIbirapueraSP-BR-3-4-15-ASilveira Dione juno1-PIbirapueraSP-BR-3-4-15-ASilveira

Dircenna dero rhoeo  C. Felder & R. Felder, 1860 – (below)

Dircenna dero rhoeo-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-18-6-15-ASilveira

Dryadula phaetusa  (Linnaeus, 1758) (below)

Dryadula phaetusa1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-21-4-16-ASilveira Dryadula phaetusa1v1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-21-4-16-ASilveira

Dryas iulia  (Fabricius, 1775) (below)

Dryas iulia1-PIbirapueraSPBR-16-8-15-ASilveira

Emesis mandana mandana (Cramer, 1780)  (below)

Emesis mandana mandana-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-9-7-15-ASilveira

Enantia lina psamathe (Fabricius, 1793) (probably) (below)

Enantia lina psamathe1-PIbirapueraSPBR-16-8-15-ASilveira

Eresia lansdorfi (Godart, 1819)    (below)

Eresia lansdorfi2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-17-2-15-ASilveira Eresia lansdorfi-1c-PqIbirapueraSP-BE-5-6-15-ASilveira

Eueides isabella dianasa (Huben. 1806)   (below)    (3)

Eueides isabella dianasa1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-14-6-15-ASilveira

Euptoieta hegesia (Cramer, 1779)  (below)

Euptoieta hegesia4-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-1-1-16-ASilveira-nome

Eurema arbela  Geyer, 1832 (below)

Eurema arbela-IbirapueraP-SP-19-8-15-ASilveira

Eurema elathea (below)

Eurema elathea2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-25-3-16-ASilveira

Hemiargus h. hanno (Stoll, 1790); Hanno Blue (?) (below)

Hemiargus hannoBorboleta7-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-4-6-15-ASilveira

Heraclides anchisiades capys  (Hubner, [1809]) – (below)

Heraclides anchisiades capys2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-18-6-15-ASilveira

Heraclides thoas brasiliensis   (below)

Heraclides thoas brasiliensis1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-25-3-16-ASilveira

Hermeuptychia hermes Fabricius, 1775   (below)

Hermeuptychia hermes-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-14-6-15-ASilveira

Hesperocharis paranensis paranensis   Schaus, 1898 (below)

Hesperocharis paranensis paranaensis3-PIbirapueraSPBR-18-8-15-ASilveira

Hypanartia bella (Fabricius, 1793) ; Bella Mapwing (below)

Hypanartia bella2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-4-6-15-ASilveira Hypanartia bella4-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-9-7-15-ASilveira

Hamadrias februa  (below)

Hamadryas februa1-PIbirapueraSPBR-18-8-15-ASilveira

Heliconius ethilla narcaea (Godart, 1819)  (probably)  (below)

Heliconius ethilla-PqIbirapueraSP-5-4-16-ASilveira

Hylephila phyleus phyleus  (Drury, 1773);  Fiery Skipper  (below)

Hylephila phyleus phyleus -PIbirapueraSP-BR-16-1-15-ASilveira

Ithomia agnosia Hewitson, [1855] – Agnosia Glasswing; (below)

Ithomia agnosia2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-22-4-16-ASilveira

Junonia evarete (Cramer, 1779)   (below)

 Junonia evarete2a-PqIbirapueraSP-30-4-16-ASilveira

Lasaia agesilas agesilas (Latreille, (1809)  (below) male and female

Lasaia agesilas agesilas2-PqIbirpaueraSP-1-5-16-ASilveira Lasaia agesilas agesilas-f-PIbirapueraSP-BR-9-8-15-ASilveira

Leptotes cassius  (Cramer, 1775) (below)

Leptotes cassius3-PIbirapueraSPBR-16-8-15-ASilveira

Marpesia chiron (Fabricius, 1775) (below)

Marpesia chiron-PIbirapueraSPBR-18-8-15-ASilveira

Marpesia petreus (Cramer, 1776)    (below)

Marpesia petreus2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-6-3-15-ASilveira

Mechanitis polymnia casabranca Haensch, 1905 (below)

Mechanitis polymnia casabranca1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-22-4-16-ASilveira Mechanitis polymnia casabranca2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-22-4-16-ASilveira

Melanchroia aterea (Stoll, 1781) (below)

Melanchroia aterea1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-4-5-15-ASilveira

Melanchroia chephise  (Stoll, 1782)- White-tipped Black or Snowbush Spanworm  (*)

Melanchroia chephise2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-14-6-15-ASilveira

Methona themisto (Hübner, 1818)   (below)

Methona themisto themisto2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-13-2-15-ASilveira

Memphis moruus stheno (Prittwitz, 1865)  (below)

memphis-moruus-stheno1-pqibirapuerasp-27-9-16-asilveira memphis-moruus-stheno1v-pqibirapuerasp-27-9-16-asilveira

Ortilia ithra  (W. F. Kirby, 1900) (below)

Ortilia ithra-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-21-4-16-ASilveira

Panoquina evadnes (Stoll, 1781) ; Evadnes Skipper (?) (below)

Panoquina evadnes 2-PqIbirapueraSP-BE-5-6-15-ASilveira

Panoquina ocola ocola (W.H.Edwards, 1863)    (below)

Panoquina ocola ocola-PIbirapueraSP-BR-16-1-15-ASilveira

Parcella amarynthina (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)   (below)

Parcella amarynthina-PqIbirapueraSP-30-4-16-ASilveira

Philaethria wernickei  (Röber, 1906) (below)

Philaethria wernickei2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-8-6-16-ASilveira

Phoebis philea (Linnaeus, 1763)  (below)

Phoebis philea-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-14-6-15-ASilveira

Phocides palemon phanias  (Brown & Mielke, 1967) (below)

Phocides palemon phanias-PIbirapueraSP-BR-9-8-15-ASilveira

Polygonus ssavigny (Latreille, [1824]) (Manuel’s Skipper)   (below)

Pseudolycaena marsyas (Linnaeus, 1758); Marsyas Hairstreak   (below)

Pseudolycaena marsyas1-PqIbirpaueraSP-1-5-16-ASilveira

Pyrgus orcus (Stoll, 1780)  (below)

Pyrgus oelius orcus-PIbirapueraSP-BR-9-8-15-ASilveira

Pyrgus orcynoides  (Giacomelli, 1928) (below)

Pyrgus orcynoides1-PIbirapueraSPBR-16-8-15-ASilveira

Quadrus-u-lucida minimus  (Mabille & Boullet, 1917)  (?) (below)

Quadrus-u-lucida minimus1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-15-1-15-ASilveira

Riodina lycisca lycisca (Hewitson, [1853])  (below)

Riodina lycisca lycisca2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-14-6-15-ASilveira Riodina lycisca lycisca2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-9-7-15-ASilveira

Rhetus periander periander (Cramer, 1777)  (below)

Rhetus periander periander 1-PqIbirpaueraSP-1-5-16-ASilveira Rhetus periander periander 4-PqIbirpaueraSP-1-5-16-ASilveira

Siproeta epaphus trayja   (Hübner, [1823])   (below)

Siproeta epaphus trayja1-PqIbirapueraSPBR-22-8-15-ASilveira

Tegosa claudina (Eschscholtz, 1821)  (below)

Tegosa claudina-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-21-4-16-ASilveira

Urbanus dorantes   (Hewitson, 1876)  (?)

Urbanus dorantes2-IbirapueraP-SP-19-8-15-ASilveira

 Urbanus procne (Plötz, 1881); Brown Longtail (below)

Urbanus procne-PqIbirapueraSP-BE-5-6-15-ASilveira

Urbanus proteus (Linnaeus, 1758)  (below)

Urbanus proteus proteus4-PIbirapueraSP-BR-9-8-15-ASilveira

Urbanus simplicius (Stoll, 1790)  (?) (below)

Urbanus simplicius2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-8-3-15-ASilveira

Urbanus teleus (Hübner, 1821)   (?)  (below)

 Urbanus teleus-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-17-2-15-ASilveira

 Vanessa braziliensis-   (Moore, 1883)  (below)

Vanessa braziliensis-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-19-10-13-ASilveira

Vanessa myrinna (E. Doubleday, 1849)  (below)

Vanessa myrinna1a-PqIbirapueraSP-30-4-16-ASilveira

Xenophanes tryxus (Cramer, 1780) (Glassy-winged Skipper) (below)

Xenophanes tryxus-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-9-7-15-ASilveira


OBS: all photos  by Antonio Silveira.

(?) probably


Agradecemos a colaboração (thanks for collaboration) ao biol. Renato Oliveira/MZUSP:

(1) identificação (identification)

(3) espécie confirmada


(*) Agradecimentos na identificação de (thanks for identifications):

Melanchroia chephise = ao Biol.Victor Olavo Diniz Correa


Species recordeds but in identification phase



2 Ocaria-prov1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-8-6-16-ASilveira

Mariposas / Moths

Mariposa negra-verm2-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-22-4-16-ASilveira Mariposa negra-amarela1a-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-22-4-16-ASilveira Mariposa negra-azul1-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-22-4-16-ASilveira Mariposa amarela-PqIbirapueraSP-BR-22-4-16-ASilveira



Anartia amathea roeselia, Ibirapuera Park,SP BR 8 3 2015 Antonio Silveira

Ascia monuste orseis, Ibirapuera Park,SP Br 8 3 2015 Antonio Silveira

Danaus erippus  Ibirapuera Park-SP-BR 16 1 2015 Antonio Silveira

Eresia lansdorfi, Ibirapuera Park-SP Br 8 3 2015 Antonio Silveira

Junonia evarete, Ibirapuera Park,SP Br 8 3 2015 Antonio Silveira

Junonia evarete, Pq IbirapueraSP BR 21 4 2015 Antonio Silveira

Melanchroia aterea, PqIbirapueraSP BR 4 5 2015 Antonio Silveira


Borboletas do Parque do Ibirapuera-SP.BR.


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