Birds of Serra do Lopo, Extrema, MG, Brazil

The “Serra do Lopo”  is a isolated fragment  mountainous part of the Mantiqueira complex, located in the municipality of Extrema-MG, Brazil, on the border with Joanópolis-SP, and south of the Jaragua dam, north of the Sierra Itapeva, east and west Joanópolis and Anhumas mountains.

Treat yourself to one of the most beautiful foothills of the Mantiqueira.

It has a complex forest interesting because it preserves remnants of Atlantic forest montana, as it has altitudes ranging from 900 to 1780 meters, maximum altitude in this or Pico do Cume ou Pedra do Cume, 22 ° 54’15 .32 “S/46 ° 20’40 .28” W ( foto1).

It is a place very conducive to tourism for nature watching, especially for bird watching,  birdwatching or because aside from the main road that serves the maintenance of communication towers installed on top of the mountain, which is also used to access the Stones: da Torre, das Cabras, das Flores, do Cume (or Pico do Cume) and  Pedra do Lopo that runs through densely forested region.

There is an interesting trail through the forest that leads to all the aforementioned stones (photo2).  Both the road as the track with the opportunity to observe forest birds as Chamaeza ruficauda ( Rufous-tailed Antthrush) Dysithamnus xanthopterus ( Rufous-backed Antvireo) between other.

Already, reaching any of these stones, has a privileged view of the region, especially the forest side of Joanópolis. You can then watch birds altitude as Knipolegus nigerrimus ( Velvety Black-Tyrant), as well as hawks and swifts, the latter in spectacular developments.

It is also an excellent place for finding species through vocalization, as it provides the silence hear the singing of birds of the forest below, as well as the altitude forest behind the observer positioned facing Joanópolis.

There is also an interesting and beautiful natural lagoon  on top of the mountain (maybe only increased by human hands), where it is easy to see that the birds seek to quench their thirst.You should record the occurrence of titi monkey or Guigo (Callicebus personatus), endangered species whose vocalization is heard in the very densest forests of the Sierra.

We’ve been twice in the Serra do Lopo to watch birds found in our little seven hours of observation 61 species (link below), calculated for a universe in which about 220 species. This indicates that the location is excellent for healthy and sustainable practice bird watching, or birdwating, which should be encouraged as a factor for economic and preservationist this beautiful mountain.  by Antonio Silveira.


Preliminary and cumulative birdlist of Serra do Lopo, Extrema, MG, by Antonio Silveira


Antonio Silveira: update in english: 09.1.2013.

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