Spring Mountains National Recreation Area (Nevada-USA)

Knowing the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

On April 11, 2014 we had (Antonio Silveira and Gianine Luiza) the opportunity to know some of the famous mountains of the southwestern state of Nevada knowing as Spring Mountains National Recreation Area . with the Mt.Charleston at 11,918 feet (3633 m) of elevation.

This spectacular natural area with about 316,000 acres  is located 30 minutes from downtown of Las Vegas.

It was a very pleasant visit.

We saw amazing natural landscapes with lots of vegetation. by Antonio Silveira.

See some photos:


See more in: www.fs.fed.us

and http://www.birdandhike.com/Areas/MtChar_Area/_MtC_Area.htm (good website about this site)


Antonio Silveira: 12-4-2014. last update: 19.4.1014

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