One of the best known places for fish-watching is the Caribbean.

And a special place in the Caribbean is Aruba, beause of its richness of fish species and the ease of practicing this wild-watching, included birds (Birds of Aruba).

Between  11 to 25 November 2012,  9 to 23 May and November 2013 , May 2017 we were (Antonio Silveira) on the Caribbean island of Aruba, where we had the opportunity to make some observations of ichthyofauna specially in  Malmok and Boca Catalina beaches. See also Diving in Aruba,nov.2013. And Fish-watching in Aruba, May 2017.

by Antonio Silveira.


See some of ours photos below:

Malmok Beach


Boca Catalina Beach


Underwater landscape of Malmok region:


See some fishes recorded:

Abudefduf saxatilis (Sargeant major)  (below)

Aulostomus maculatus  (Trumpet fish)  (below)

Chaetodon striatus (Banded Butterfly fish)   (below)

Haemulon sciurus (Blue-Striped Grunts)   (below)

Pomacanthus paru (French Angelfish)   (below)

Thalassoma bifasciatum (Yellowhead Wrasse)  (below)


in identification process:


Fish Watching in Malmok-Aruba-Nov-2012-Antonio Silveira and Gianine Luiza

Fish-watching-Malmok-11-5-2013-Antonio Silveira

Fish-watching in Malmok-Aruba,15-5-2013-Antonio Silveira

Fish-watching in Boca Catalina-Aruba16-5-2013-Antonio Silveira

Fish-watching in Boca Catalina-Aruba-23-5-2013-Antonio Silveira

Fishwatching Boca Catalina Aruba 22 5 2017 Antonio Silveira

Fishwatching Boca Catalina Aruba 22 5 2017 Antonio Silveira  (res)

Observando peixes em Boca Catalina Aruba 24 5 2017 Antonio Silveira


Antonio Silveira: 24.5.2013. last update 13-11-2013 and 25-5-2017

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