Sunset Park,Las Vegas,NV,EUA

Sunset Park1-LVegas-NV-16-7-15-ASilveira  Libellula saturata2-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira

Sunset Park is a regional park in Las Vegas city located in side of southeastern corner of the McCarran International Airport runway.

This urban park has 325-acre that 75-acre is alredy to use by the people with has volleyball and basketball courts  and areas destination for picnics.

It is a famous also because the lake where several species of migratory birds using in the winter.

It has also a big area of natural vegetation of Mojave Desert that is a habitat of fauna native of this ecosystem are preserved at Sunset

We were several times in 2013,2014 and 2015 visiting this beautiful park to photograph and film the fauna and flora. By Antonio Silveira.


Photos by the author:

Sunset Park7-LVegas-NV-16-7-15-ASilveira-grande  Sunset Park4-LVegas-NV-16-7-15-ASilveira

Sunset Park3-LVegas-NV-16-7-15-ASilveira  Sunset Park8-LVegas-NV-16-7-15-ASilveira

Quiscalus mexicanus5-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira Quiscalus mexicanus3-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira

Quiscalus mexicanus  (above)

Sylvilagus audubonii1-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira

Sylvilagus audubonii  (above)

Xerospermophilus tereticaudus3-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira Xerospermophilus tereticaudus1-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira

Xerospermophilus tereticaudus  (above)

Vespa2-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira Vespa1-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira

Insects  (above)

Callipepla gambelii2-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira Callipepla gambelii1-SunsetPk-LVegas-16-7-15-ASilveira

Callipepla gambelii  (above)


Antonio Silveira: 18-7-2015.

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