Butterflies of São Paulo city

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The city of São Paulo is one of the largest cities of the world with about 20 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, which encompasses 39 municipalities.

Nevertheless, it has many municipal parks like Ibirapuera Park, and importants  state parks like Cantareira State Park that is the largest urban forest in the world which about 8,000 hectares, and Sao Paulo Botanical Garden, where which is inside the Fontes do Ipiranga state park  with forested area.

In its territory is within the Atlantic rainforest complex, one of the most exuberant and rich forests in the world.

In its urban parks and others green area we can see many species of butterflies.

Recently (as of February 2015) we started our visits to green areas and especially in city parks watching butterflies (butterfly watching) and records them by photos and videos, for our files and to assist in environmental education process through our website (www.aultimaarcadenoe.com.br).

We have today about 500 species to Sao Paulo city.


Butterflies of Sao Paulo Botanical Garden

Butterflies of Ibirapuera Park

lists by Antonio Silveira (with collaborations of Gustavo de Mattos Accacio (@borboletas_do_brasil) and Ricardo Costa (@rickprcosta).


Antonio Silveira: 13-2-2015. last update: 09-6-2016. 13-4-2022.

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