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No doubt, the butterflies are animals that attract people’s attention, the great beauty of most species by its color diversity, flight graciousness and especially for its lightness and grace. This not to mention its spectacular and enigmatic life of metamorphoses.

Really the delight butterflies everyone, children and adults. In fact, it is very common to see children giving contentment cries when they see a butterfly. Already, the adults usually more staid and afraid to show sensitivity, just “enjoying quietly” but appreciate. And if his lack of personality does not prevent them from openly express what they feel, no doubt appreciate more, but …….

For all this, observe butterflies is a very pleasurable activity.

If you like to see butterflies so do not waste time, put a comfortable clothes, good tennis and go visit gardens, tree nurseries, botanical gardens etc. And you will see that soon you will find many species and certainly with good dose of curiosity, you will begin to try to identify what he saw. And nowadays the internet is a great tool for this.

In addition, you will end up finding many people who are interested in butterflies and increase your circle of friends, and what is best, with people who “like” what you enjoy. And who are sensitive to the beautiful things of nature, which shows a higher cognitive abilities and more pure and beautiful principles. There are friendships moved by the social interest, but by a common passion. It’s very different and much richer.

Following this field experience and study, you become an “observer butterflies”, or as the English say a ‘butterfly watcher. ”

And what about having butterflies in your garden or on the site or a friend’s farm, where you can see them up close? This is not difficult, just create a BUTTERFLIES GARDEN, or “BUTTERFLY GARDEN”.

So get to work, by the way, there is no need of much work not. Just you plant plants that give flowers, especially those that attract butterflies.

In Brazil, lantana (Lantana camera-photo below) is a plant that attracts more species of butterflies. Plante also passion fruit (Passiflora alata), zinnias (Zinnia sp), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), salvias, daisies and sunflowers etc.

Try to observe the plants they visit in public or private gardens and plant in “your garden”. Search the internet articles that indicate plants that attract butterflies. Another suggestion is to visit borboletários because they usually grow plants that attract. And then buy these plants and plant in your garden. Study the plants that serve as hosts for caterpillars, such as Asclepias, so that they have room to procreate and so you can follow the fascinating metamorphoses. Give preference to native plants, which require more study and attention, but the result will give more pleasure, because you will be developing a more natural garden and environmentally correct.

Ready with your “GARDEN OF BUTTERFLIES” just look and if you want to delve into the topic photograph, film and try to identify.

Now you got a problem, in fact, a sweet and pleasant problem became really BUTTERFLIES OBSERVER (BUTTERFLY WATCHER). And will have a spectacular challenge, to see nature in the 3,000 Brazilian species. And if you travel abroad this number can double, triple, etc.

You are entering an infinite world. But do not fear, this has become his hobby, and as such should only give pleasure as a hobby can be so called when there are no obligations. It’s just pleasure and hope to live many years to see many butterflies.

So good luck mate (a) hobby. See you.

Antonio Silveira

Environmental Program: The Last Noah’s Ark



Lantanas-JdBotanicoSP-BR-14-2-15-ASilveira Lantana camara


Antonio Silveira: English version: 26-5-2016.

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