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Spider monkey                                              Marsh Deer

       This page does not have any intention of being a scientific work, being just a trying of collecting some information about the Brazilian rich fauna, making possible to natureís observer knowing a little bit about our animals and identifying them in nature.
         Evidently that there are not all the Brazilian species, because it would be a monumental work, that is not part of our technical scientific capacity and also time and virtual space. We have just related, by now, some species from some families of the amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles.
        We intend to make our work bigger s possible, putting more information, so at any moment there can be added some families or species.
        We hope that we can help students and nature lovers knowing better our biodiversity and we are waiting criticism and collaboration for making this difficult work here proposed each time better.

  • Fauna systematic division

  • Fauna Considerations

  • Amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles from Brazil

  • Crabs, lobsters and cia. (superclass Crustacea)

  • Checklist of Brazilian mammals threatened of extinction

  • Videos

  • Consulted bibliography

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