In this page we can see the different ways of artistic expression in the world, that by the existence of internet, makes possible to the arts studier the contact to the global artistic universe.
    It is easy to be noticed that art is linked to nature, because most of all the artists get inspiration in nature elements, as water, fire, air, landscapes etc. We just have to remember as examples, famous painters as Leonardo da Vinci, Goya, Remblant etc, whom reveal in almost all of their paintings a relation to nature.
    So, art as an human expression is one of the culture part elements and by its time, it is in the cultural environment (Brazilian Federal Constitution, article 216). By its time, cultural patrimony is part of the cultural environment, being art one of the forming expressions of the global environment.
    Therefore, art must be related and studied by the studier of Environmental Law and also by the environmentalist, for being known and protected.
    In the web we have a lot of really interesting sites about this subject. It also can be used for realizing artistic work. There is also the graphic art, that is becoming an artistic expression known worldwide.
    Bellow follows some interesting sites about the subject that can be known by you.

    General Arts Sites

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