Birds of Alfredo Volpi Park, São Paulo, Brazil

The Alfredo Volpi Park  is  a urban protected area  with 142,400 m², located in the southern part of the city of São Paulo, and to have good recreational facilities for the visitor is a much-visited park.

It is also a park with lots of trees both exotic plants, as with native vegetation (Atlantic Forest remnants), trails and three lakes inside the forest, which offers a great place to practice bird watching (birdwatching ; birding).

Hence our elaboration (Antonio Silveira) follows a list of its birdlife, to help the birdwatcher, this enjoyable sport and leisure.

From the second half of 2010, we started (Antonio Silveira) sporadic visits to the place where we observed several species of birds. List  below.

SEE IN: Checklist of birds of Alfredo Volpi Park, São Paulo city, São Paulo State, Brazil, by Antonio Silveira.


Antonio Silveira: 23.9.2011. Last update: 09.12.2012.


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