In this page you will know a little bit about Brazil's nature sounds, so important  for communication, surviving and the animals' preservation

    1. Introduction
    As it is known, Brazil is the country of biggest biodiversity in the world, and this bring us the responsibility of preserving all the elements that form it, but for doing that, it is necessary knowing all the existent species, studying them the most possible and founding formulas for protecting them. In this process the knowledge and studies of the wild animal's sounds and voices are very important and must be stimulated.
    A big allied in these preservationists objectives is the Bioacustic, because by this it is possible, among another things, understanding animal's behavior. It is also very important the creation and maintenance of nature sound and images files, for providing elements for studies.
    Because of the accelerated extinction process of many species, these files have their importance increased, because they can provide some important help in the reintroduction programs.
    So, we decided to make available to the interested people in our Wildlife Sounds and Images Files some sound files that follow bellow.

  2. Atlantic Forest Voices

  3. Voices:
        - birds
        - mammals
        - amphibians
        - insects

    (Click on each item for listening to the sounds)

 (all of the sounds were recorded by Antonio Silveira)

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