Wildlife Sounds and Images Files


    There were created in 2001, October  the WILDLIFE SOUNDS AND IMAGES FILES.
    Its heap is divided in: sound file and image file.
    - Sound File:
    There are more than 1.800 recordings, originally in K7, DAT and digital (minidisk), everything is digitized and filed in CDs.
    - Images File:
    The image file is divided into:
    a) photos: more than 3,000;
    b) slides: more than 1,200;
    c) digital photos, extracted from videos: more than 3,000, extracted from videos, by computer software, for using mainly in the site, and this method is being developed. We have already taken photos from 10% of our video heap;
    d) videos: more than 80 tapes. There are hundreds of videotapes in VHS, VHS-S, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi and Digital (MDV). There are also filed in this sector hundreds of birds, amphibians, mammals, insects and another videoclips extracted from the original tapes that are carefully reserved.

    PS.: All of the files (sounds and images) are digitized and filed in CDs and they are separated by specie and also divided by category as: birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, river sounds, storms etc.

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