What is it?
The environmental program The Last Noah’s Ark is result of years of studies of his idealizer Antonio Silveira Ribeiro dos Santos in natural history and environmental area. Created in August 1995 and registered at 7th notary public office of São Paulo (n0 249.836). Author rights register n0 106.123, book 158, pages 418.

The Purposes
• Conscious about the necessity of nature’s preservation and conservation;
• Development of studies for an effective protection of species and main ecosystern;
• Promoting environmental education at all levels;
• Improving the quality of global life;
• Supplying subvention for the improvement of Environment’s Rights.

What makes the difference?
It is a program created and developed by a person who puts together concerned people with the same idea and an equal participation, without obedience. It is not an ONG.
The program does not accept any direct monetary help. Eventually the interested people may collaborate by lending goods to the program.

Legal Basis:
Federal Constitution, article 255, “caput” 6 e 7.
Material that is used:
The program heap is composed by videos (VHS, 5- VHS-C, Bmm, Hl 8),  nature sounds’ recordings in tape, DAI, audiovisuals, photos, slides, Cds... The videos, photos, slides and recordings are digitized and filled into CD or in the computerized system. All the material belongs to the program’s idealizer, and can be entrusted some material for collaborators. The heap is available to concerned people who want to research, without any charge.

Technical Support:
Collaboration at uncertain label of people who have technical-scientific background and pervaded of the same ideals, who will represent the program as the rules of its creator.

•  Articles' publication in newspapers, magazines and bulletins;
• Lectures in cities, schools, universities and in media interviews;
• Development of projects and programs exchanging collaboration on them.

Projects and Programs:
• Survey of anurans community (Araçoiaba da Serra/SP)
• Pilgrim library created in Sep, 9th,1995. Settled down at Adventist School at Diadema in Oct, 1st, 1995
• Survey of bird’s population at the Experimental Station of Itapetininga (SP), to CEO (Ornithology Research Center) in 1997. Main result: instituted the proposal of it being considered an ecological reserve;
• Program: Survey and conservation of biodiversity of Sausalito (Mairiporã-SP) with the following aims;
• Raising of birds’ population;
• Raising of anurans populations
• Environmental Education project: “Insulting animals is not nice”. Established in December 1997;
• Birds’ populations survey of Cantareira State Park- SP
• Raising of bird’s population in municipal parks and green areas for CEO — Ornithology Research Center. Beginning: September 1998;

•Institution of the second Pilgrim Library at Iemano School at Diadema, in October 17th, 1998. 

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