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Insects from Brazil (class Insecta)



        The insects are from the Class Insecta, Phylum Arthropoda, Kingdom Animalia, and there are about 1 million species, what makes it the most numerous class. They occur in almost all of the Earth's environments.

        One of the main imediate identification of external characteristics of the insects is the existence of distinct head, chest and abdomen and 3 couples of articulated legs in all of them.  

        By their way of life insects can be divided into solitaries and social. Among social insects, distinction for ants and bees, that are well known.

        The Science that studies insects is called ENTOMOLOGY.

        In relation to men, many insects are useful (ex.: bees). On the other hand they can bring prejudice (ex.: mosquitoes).

        Besides insects being in a great number, they are practically the firt victims of environmental degradation, when there is a deforestment and mainly with insecticides aplication.



        As all scientific systematic classification, in the insects there are also differences.

        We have taken as basis Costa Lima's classification, used by many authors and quoted by Carrara, also using another sources, also increasing the number of families and species.

        As in all systematic scientific classification, in the insect class there are also some differences.


        SUBCLASS Apterygogenea (Brauer,1885)

                Order Collembola (Lubock, 1869),10 fam., 2.000 sp.


                 Order Thysanura (Latreille,1796), 9 fam., 500 sp.


         SUBCLASS Pterygogenea (Brauer, 1885)


                 Order Ephemerida  (Leach, 1817)


                 Order Odonata (Fabrício, 1792)


                 Order Blattariae (Latreille, 1810)


                 Order Mantodea (Burmeister, 1838)


                Order Isoptera (Brullé,1832), 6 fam., 2000 sp.

                Order Zoraptera (Silvestri, 1913) 

                Order Perlariae (Latreille, 1802)     

                Order Grylloblattodea (Brues & Melander, 1915)

                Order Phasmida (Leach, 1815)


                Order Orthoptera (Olivier,1811), 50 fam., 23.000 esp. Some families: Acrididae, Blattidae, Grillidae, Mantidae, Phasmidae


                 Order Embiidina  (Hagen,1816)  


                Order Dermaptera (De Geer,1772), 32fam., 1.100 sp.


                 Order Diploglossata  (Saussure, 1879)


                Order Coleoptera  (Lineu, 1758), 184 fam., 280.000 sp.; Families: Carabidae, Lanpyridae etc.;


                 Order Neuroptera  (Lineu, 1758), 23 fam., 4.700 sp.


                Order Panorpatae  (Latreille, 1802)


                Order Trichoptera  (Kirby, 1813), 19 fam., 4.500 sp


                Order Lepidoptera (Lineu, 1758), 118 fam., 150.000 sp.


                Order Diptera  (Lineu, 1758), 138 fam., 85.000 sp. Families: Culicidae


                Order Siphonaptera (Latreille,1802), 7 fam., 6600 sp


                Order Strepsiptera  (Kirby, 1813), 8 fam., 300 sp


                Order Hymenoptera  (Lineu,1758), 109 fam., 105.000 sp. Families: Apidae, Formicidae, Vesperidae etc.


                 Order Corrodentia  (Burmeister,1839)


                Order Mallophaga  (Nitzsch,1815)


                Order Anoplura  (Leach, 1815)


                Order Thysanoptera  (Haliday,1836)


                Order Homoptera  (Latreille,1817), 63 fam., 32.000 sp. Families: Cicadidae, Fulgoridae;


                 Order Hemiptera (Lineu,1758), 56 fam., 40.000 sp. 



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