Philosophy and Environment

Philosophy Popularization

        Practically all the students had Philosophy as scholar subject, but just some of them had gone on studying the subject or had developed some job related to the philosophical world. This happens because there is a pre-concepted tendency that philosophy is a theme with no practical and concrete function that is not important in our modern materialist world. It is a mistake, philosophy is really important nowadays as it was and will be in the future, in any way that our population follow, in a way that it was originated, supported and developed in the human power of thinking. Philosophizing is intrinsic to man, being part of his life, and cannot be separated from his existence.
         Philosophy is the essence of all our thinking and consequently of our acting, so it cannot be out of our daily. Philosophical reflection is in all the acts of our decisions, also if unconscious. Any of our attitudes are based on decisions that in their time had as consideration our power of thinking, reflecting, philosophizing. Philosophy has emerged in the Greek Antique Time and it was a way of looking for the interior peace, after it was restrict to initiate people, in Universities. In the last century it has reached the phsichiatric clinics with the finality of adjusting emotional problems. Until now philosophy is being used by psychiatrics and psychologists as mental diseases cure exercises, they are the clinic philosophers. In religion philosophy also has importance, used for uncoding faith, creeds and religious man thinking paths. It is the religious philosophy, used for understanding myths, creeds, the creating power etc.
        Otherwise, the complexity of understanding modern life, each time more driven by the reflexes of globalization phenomena, has been bringing mental worry to million of people who are exposed to information and concepts that has nothing directly to do with them. This is bringing the necessity of reflection about the daily of new time, of the meaning of this modern life, emerging this way favorable field to philosophy new emerging, but this time for the philosophical questioning about our "modus vivendi", our life now. Finally, globalization phenomena has been keeping us away of our human nature, because modern technologies and machines are taking our place with million of unemployed by the "robotization", million people suffer by the conflicts generated by the rapidity of costume changing propitiated by instant communication and the insatisfaction of having to do imposed things generated by the imposing of another culture.  This provides space for this new form of philosophy, modern philosophy daily.
         So, for this and a lot of another reasons emerged in France the famous "philosophical cafes" in the nineties, spreading to different places in the world. In these places, people of different ages and professions discuss the daily problems, generating and excellent and efficient philosophical reflection exercise that sometimes become in citizen actions and movements. In some Universities there already is an opened action in relation to philosophy, providing the divulgation of fishy work more accessible to the lay public, with divulgation of the subject to general public.
        Therefore, different from what a lot of people think, philosophy is in our daily life and it is really important for citizen exercise, because without philosophical reflection our attitudes can be driven by imposed and non-sense rules, compromising our conscience with prejudices can also be psychic. Undoubtedly neurosis is one of the reflexes of our unthinking existence. This way, philosophy is each time more alive and must be part of our world as essential tool for a critical posture for the presented situation, that each day are more complex and difficult to be understood, so the reason for philosophy popularization as science and way of modern life reflection must be incentivated and developed by everyone. Think about it. 

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Text by Antonio Silveira R. dos Santos
All Rights Reserved