Lepidoptera – butterflies

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The Lepidoptera order consists of butterflies and moths. They are oviparous insects including caterpillars come out and turn into pupa or chrysalis, which become the adult or imago insect, known like butterflies or moths.
Are insects that delight people by their impressive transformations (metamorphosis) and the beauty of adults by their colors and graceful flights.

In Brazil a the great diversity of species of butterflies (about 4.300) and moths (about 23.000 species )

The observation of butterflies (Butterfly watching) is a very interesting form of recreation, not to mention that is very pleasant for those who like to be in contact with nature.

Here we present some of our records of these wonderful insects, with finalidad to help and encourage their observation and preservation. by Antonio Silveira.



Observando borboletas no Campus USP, SP capital, Brasil, 08-3-2020, por Antonio Silveira, com Gustavo Accacio e Ricardo Costa

 – Registros de borboletas/ Butterfly records 

– Borboletas do Brasil / Butterflies of Brazil 

Borboletas da cidade de São Paulo/ Butterflies of Sao Paulo city 

– Borboletas do Parque do Ibirapuera-SP,Brasil/ Butterflies of Ibirapuera Park, SP,Brazil

Borboletas do Jardim Botânico de São Paulo-Brasil / Butterflies of Sao Paulo Botanical Garden, Brazil

Butterfly watching in Serra de Itapetinga, Atibaia-SP,Brazil, 2 May 2015

Butterfly watching in Serra de Itapetinga,Atibaia-SP, Brazil, October 2015.

Borboletas da Serra de Itapetinga, Atibaia,SP, Brasil.

Lista das borboletas observadas na Serra do Japi, Jundiaí,SP, BR

Butterflies of Aruba (Caribbean)

– Butterfly-watching in Misiones,Argentina, April 2015, by Antonio Silveira.


– Butterfly watching  

Jardim das Borboletas / Butterfly garden

Taturanas venenosas  

Espécies de borboletas do gênero Adelpha (Lepidoptera) que ocorrem no Brasil 

– Espécies de borboletas do gênero Morpho Fabricius, 1807 (Lepidopetera, Nymphalidae, Morphinae) que ocorrem no Brasil.


– Adelpha abia  (Hewitson, 1850); abia Hewitson 1850

– Anartia amathea roeselia (Eschscholtz, 1821)

Evenus regalis (Cramer, 1775) Regal Hairstreak

Mimoides protodamas (Godart, 1819)

–  Siproeta epaphus trayja Hübner, [1823]

SOME VIDEOS, by Antonio Silveira

– YOUTUBE: Butterflies videos Antonio Silveira

Borboletas/ Butterflies- Videos by Antonio Silveira


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