The waterfalls usually represent places of great natural beauty, forming very important national heritage that must be preserved. They attract people that look for them a lot, for baths, diving, practicing of some sports as rappel or simply for contemplating them.
         A lot of them are great touristic centers, having impressive economical potential as Caracol Waterfall, in Canela- RS and Cataratas do Foz do Iguaçu.
         So we have chosen photos of some waterfalls that were visited by us, so you can also have fun with their scenic beauty, and also incentivating tourism, valuing them and providing more interest in preservation.
         Click in the place and know some of these natural beauties:

  • Brotas- SP

  • Canela- RS

  • Ecological Station Juréia-Itatins- SP

  • Foz do Iguaçu- PR

  • North Coast of São Paulo State

  • Ilha do Cardoso Stative Park- SP

  • Intervales Stative Park- SP

  • Bocaina National Park- RJ

  • Itatiaia National Park- RJ

  • Presidente Figueiredo- AM

  • Salesópolis- SP

  • Salto Morato- PR

  • São Francisco Xavier- SP

  • São Thomé das Letras- MG

  • Serra do Mar- SP

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